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Kapan Kawin? (2015)

Kapan Kawin? (2015)

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Synopsis Kapan Kawin? (2015)

Dinda is a successful Hotel Manager in Jakarta, but her parents think that she’s a failure because she’s still single in her 30s. An unacceptable thing for her parents who keeps their traditional culture by heart, where women should have babies in their early 20s. Dinda finally give in by her parents’ pressure. She devise a plan to hire an actor, Satrio, to pretend to become her boyfriend for a week. She brings along Satrio to Jogjakarta for her parents’ wedding anniversary party. But what it seems as a harmless plan turns into chaos. All Dinda’s plan didn’t work out as she hope to be. Satrio turns out to be an idealistic and eccentric actor who never follow Dinda’s scenario and always has his own act to charm Dinda’s parents. Dinda is trying juggling everything in order,but little does she knows that her parents also has their own scenario for Dinda. Hilarity ensues.

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